Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great fishing on the Green right now!

Super cold weather and great fishing usually dont go together in my opinion. The last week has been both cold and really productive fishing. My first trip was on wednesday of last week. The weather called for snow and wind so I packed the heater and extra clothes in tje boat. We launched at about 9 am with a little sunshine and no breeze. I tied on a big cricket and a glo bug trailer about 4 feet below the cricket. We imediately hooked up with fish. Landed 5 or 6 in the rig up eddie. We fished the same rig all the way down to just above bridge rapid and landed quite a few more on the glo bug with a few fish interested in the cricket. The fish were feeding like crazy on midges so we switched over to a #20 griffiths gnat and picked a few off the surface. It was super fun to get my clients on some dry fly action. We tied on some streamers at diving  board rapid. There was lots of fish chasing the streamer and thats how we finished our day. We had a few breezes but for the most part our day had great weather. I dont think it got much abve freezing because we had to clean the ice out of rod guides ALL day long. I floated saturday with a grear group of guys in some nasty cold snowy weather. We fished pretty much the same rigs as on my previous trip with the exception of the midge hatch. The wind blew so hard that the midges were probably blowing to Colorado as soon as they made it out of the water. I have seen some rainbows in the spawning mode so it wont be long until they are in full spawn.  This is a great time to fish the Green. The crowds are very small so you get to fish the whole river. Dont hesitate to call or email me or Flaming Gorge Resort to schedule a trip and get in on some of this great fishing. Thanks for taking time to read my post. I hope to see and fish with many of you this season. Tight Lines!!!

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