Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can't get much better than this!

The fishing has been absolutely awesome! The river is fishing great and the reservoir is starting to produce some nice fish as well.  Yesterday I floated with Sage and Holdan on the A section.  We had great weather and wonderful fishing.  When we got on the river there were lots of boats and kick boats.  Sage wanted to just float and relax so we took our time getting down.  I was able to land a few fish on a shallow nymph rig in the morning on the upper half  of the river.  I used a brown zebra midge with a peacock collar followed by a grey soft hackle. I only fished in the fast water between the spillway and rollercoaster rapid.  Around 1 pm I saw the BWO flies starting to fly across the air so I switched over to a cripple
pattern BWO. We had a few boats behind us and in front so we just drifted down just above secret riffle and found a sandy beach to play on.  Holdan brought some tractors along so we dug holes and built big mountains.  When most of the boats went by and the others stopped for lunch, we floated down and enjoyed the river.  Fish were feeding on the surface pretty good and I was able to land a nice brown and miss alot more.  Sage made a great cast with my rpl+ and hooked into a fish but wasnt able to keep it on.  Holdan had a hard time casting because the wind picked up but he still had a fish on for a few minutes.  They are great little casters and they love being on the water.

Today we went horn hunting after breakfast and were able to find lots of elk but no horns on this trip.  We ventured out to the reservoir and found lots of fish in the shallows so we gave them a few casts.  Sage and Holdan lost interest in the fishing so they played in the dirt. I was able to land a few nice fish and the kids happily held them up for pictures. Tomorrow we plan to go after some more fish on the reservoir.

With this great weather there is going to be lots of people out there so try and share the water and get along. Thank you for reading and tight lines!


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